Corporate Social Responsibility: Environment and Society


Environment and Safety

Input and Output

Tosoh products are manufactured by reaction, cracking, and distillation. We utilize our power generation plants and coal-fired boilers to supply the electricity and steam, respectively, for reactions and cracking. We use industrial water and seawater to cool reactions.

To balance our product output, we manage our generation of electricity and steam. We also manage our emissions to reduce the burden our production activities place on the environment.

Effective Use of Resources

Tosoh makes a significant contribution to recycling in its operations and in the surrounding communities. We collect waste produced on location and from households and other companies near our operations and recycle it into new products.

Tosoh processes much of its waste, such as coal ash, as raw materials at its cement plant. Our Nanyo Complex is able to process not only industrial waste from its facilities’ operations and those of nearby companies but also household garbage from local communities.

Industrial Waste Emissions

Tosoh almost completely disposes of and recycles its industrial waste. What we don’t process we make available for use outside the Tosoh Group or dispose of in landfills.

Tosoh double checks the specifics of each type of waste for disposal before issuing a manifest on handling industrial waste. Through our manifests, we supervise waste leaving our facilities on-site and confirm final waste disposal or reuse. We also annually inspect our disposal sites.

Product Safety

Tosoh’s raw materials and products contain specified-use and restricted substances under Japan’s Fire Prevention Law, Law Concerning Poisons and Other Harmful Substances, and other laws. It is essential to ensure safety at each processing stage in our operations, including R&D, manufacturing, logistics, and quality assurance. Tosoh complies with safety requirements under its RC goals of chemical product safety, quality assurance, logistical safety, and other internal directives.


R&D encompasses improving and developing products, from basic materials to cutting-edge technologies. Our R&D programs develop products that meet customers’ needs safely and reliably.


The main mission of a chemical company is to provide stable product supply. To that end, Tosoh sets up committees to ensure safe operations when adding new equipment, expanding capacity, and maintaining and upgrading facilities.

Quality Assurance

Tosoh’s quality management system is all encompassing. Its emphases include responding promptly to customer inquiries.


Tosoh conducts training programs for the companies that transport its products. Our aims are to raise safety awareness and to establish safe supply lines between our operations and our customers.

Safe Sourcing of Chemical Products

Tosoh carries out initiatives to ensure compliance with domestic and foreign legal regulations for the safe handling of chemicals. These include assessing product safety and providing product information.

Tosoh Initiatives:

  • Tosoh provides safety data sheets (SDS) to ensure the safe handling of its products. The SDS accord with unified international classification and labeling requirements known as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).  

  • Tosoh submits notifications, registrations, and applications in compliance with such domestic laws as the Chemical Substances Control Law, and Industrial Safety and Health and Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Acts.

  • Tosoh complies with such foreign legal regulations as Europe’s Registration Evaluation Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).  

  • Tosoh participates in the autonomous Japan Initiative of Product Stewardship (JIPS) movement promoted by the Japan Chemical Industry Association. JIPS aims to minimize the effects of chemical products on health and the environment.

Human Resources and Diversity

Human Resources

Tosoh’s human resources system inspires and rewards employees. Employees are inspired to take ownership of their responsibilities and are rewarded for proactively exhibiting a strong sense of such ownership.


Creative Organization - Enabling employees to realize their potential

Challenging Environment - Applying a grading system for thorough employee evaluation

Impartial Treatment - Rewarding employees who make an effort

Employee Education Programs

Tosoh has long provided education and training programs to enhance knowledge and skills, foster employee interaction, generate a stimulating workplace, and cultivate leaders and innovators. The company’s offerings include on-site, manager and other rank-based, and vocational training. Classes that promote internationalization are also provided.

Recruitment Policies Promote Diversity

Tosoh follows a non-discriminatory policy when it comes to hiring new recruits. Tosoh also implements a program of reemploying retired employees so that they can pass on their technical skills to new employees.

Contribution to Society

Tosoh’s many initiatives include promoting two-way communication with all its stakeholders, foremost among them the residents of communities neighboring the company’s facilities. The company seeks to raise the quantity and quality of such communication exchanges by providing convenient venues for such activities.

Tosoh uses meetings at these venues as opportunities to encourage an understanding of its operations and RC activities and to listen to the opinions of all interested parties. In this way, Tosoh in part fulfills its commitment to being a company that can be trusted and relied on.

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