Message from the CSR Director

In 2018, we formulated the Tosoh Group CSR Basic Policy, established a structural framework for promoting CSR, and identified key CSR issues (materiality) to our operations. Our CSR activities involve establishing yearly activity targets and regularly reporting our progress to Tosoh’s Board of Directors through the CSR Committee.

In April 2019, we signed the UN Global Compact. I would like to use this opportunity to increase our level of awareness regarding CSR and to further promote initiatives aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations (UN).

Masayuki Yamada
Director, Executive Vice President
Tosoh Corporation

  • Tosoh Group Corporate Social Responsibility

    The Tosoh Group engages in business activities based on the belief that realizing its corporate philosophy, “Contribute to bettering society through the chemistry of innovation,” is the essence of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

  • CSR Basic Policy

    We share and practice the following policy to realize our corporate philosophy:

    1) Contribute to the sustainable development of society through business activities
    We aim to enrich our proprietary technologies based on chemistry; work to resolve social issues through collaboration with business partners around the world; and provide innovative, reliable products and services that contribute to people’s happiness and well-being.

    2) Ensure safe and stable operation
    We recognize that ensuring the health and safety of people involved in our business activities and enabling stable operations are the most important issues of management and will work diligently to foster a culture of safety and enhance our safety foundation.

    3) Develop and hand down a free and open corporate culture
    We seek a vibrant corporate culture that our employees and their families can be proud of, by developing an open and rewarding workplace environment where human rights and diversity are respected.

    4) Preserve the global environment
    In addition to ensuring the comprehensive management of chemical substances, we continue to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities globally and across the breadth of our value chain.

    5) Pursue integrity in corporate activities
    We work to be a global corporate group that is trusted by its stakeholders by ensuring thorough compliance, integrity, and transparency in our corporate activities based on dialogue and collaboration.

  • CSR Promotion System

    The CSR Committee is chaired by the president of Tosoh Corporation and consists of members of the Management Reporting Meeting, of the heads of management departments at Tosoh’s headquarters, and of chairpersons of the various company-wide committees. The CSR Committee formulates policies on CSR activities, manages the progress of key CSR issues, and reports this information to the Board of Directors.

    Tosoh has also formed a CSR Promotion Meeting and a CSR Advancement Office. The former complements the CSR Committee, while the latter serves as the secretariat for the CSR Committee and the CSR Promotion Meeting as a dedicated CSR department. In fiscal 2019, the CSR Committee met twice. In August, the committee deliberated on the identification of key CSR issues. In March, it verified progress in achieving targets. The Committee also produced posters to ensure the internal dissemination of the Tosoh Group CSR Basic Policy, formulated in June 2018. The posters were displayed at Tosoh complexes, branches, and group companies and seminars were held to reinforce their message.

  • Key CSR Issues (Materiality)

    In identifying material issues in CSR, we first identified candidates using the ISO 26000 and GRI standards and trends among other companies.* We then narrowed down candidate issues using a biaxial assessment matrix, plotting the importance to stakeholders along one axis and the importance to the Tosoh Group along the other. 

    Based on this assessment, and after further deliberations at the CSR Committee meeting held in August 2018, we identified 18 key issues for achieving sustainable growth for the Tosoh Group and for society. We have also defined key performance indicators (KPIs) for the issues identified and set medium-term targets for our CSR activities and are working to achieve these targets.

    1. Products and Technologies to Resolve Social Issues 2. Compliance 3. Safe, Stable Operations
    4. Climate Change Responses 5. Quality Management  6. Occupational Health and Safety 
    7. Chemical Substance Management and Product Safety  8. Environmental Conservation  9. Comfortable Workplace 
    10. Diversity  11. Stakeholder Communication  12. Personnel Development 
    13. CSR Supply Chain Management  14. Employment and Recruitment  15. Cybersecurity 
    16. Business Continuity Planning (BCP)  17. Biodiversity 18. Human Rights 


    *ISO 26000 is a globally recognized International Organization for Standardization (ISO) designation for organizational social responsibility. The GRI is an international standard for sustainability issued by the nongovernmental organization (NGO) the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

    For more details on Tosoh's materiality key performance indicators and results, please see Tosoh Report's Key Data and References here

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