Tosoh Report 2019


Engineering Group

The Engineering Group manufactures and sells water treatment systems and operates construction and repair businesses. To learn more about Tosoh's Engineering business group, please click here

Fiscal Year 2019 Results

In fiscal 2019, the Engineering Group’s net sales increased ¥‎ 14.1 billion, or 16.6%, to ¥‎ 98.9 billion (US$892 million). Operating income also increased, ¥‎ 3.4 billion, or 70.5%, to ¥‎ 8.3 billion (US$75 million).

The group’s water treatment business received domestic and international orders during the year under review for large-scale, semiconductor-related projects. The group also had a strong performance in solutions services, such as maintenance and consumables. This was particularly true of its solutions for the electronics and general industrial sectors, where capital investment and manufacturing activity continued to be robust. In addition, the group’s construction subsidiaries increased their sales in fiscal 2019.

Fiscal Year 2020 Forecast

Engineering Group operating income is expected to be ¥‎ 7.7 billion in fiscal 2020, a decline of ¥‎ 600 million from fiscal 2019. Profits from water treatment systems are projected to increase, but the profitability of the Engineering Group’s construction subsidiaries is predicted to decline.

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