Notice Concerning Changes of Directors and Officers

Tokyo, Japan—The Board of Directors of Tosoh Corporation passed a resolution concerning the changes of directors and officers of the company, as detailed below, at the Board of Directors meeting on May 12, 2023.

1. Changes of directors and auditors (effective June 23, 2023)

   (1) New candidates for director

         Senior vice president                                    Akihiro Yoshimizu
         Senior vice president                                    Takahiko Kamezaki

   (2) New candidate for external director

         Director of Taiheiyo Cement Corporation     Yukimasa Nakano

   (3) New candidate for corporate auditor

         Director                                                         Satoru Yonezawa

   (4) Retiring directors

         Representative director                                Katsushi Tashiro
         Director                                                         Satoru Yonezawa
   (5) Retiring external director

         External director                                           Keiichi Miura
   (6) Retiring corporate auditor

         Corporate auditor                                         Kouji Kawamoto

   (7) Changes of representative director

This matter is set to be formalized at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on June 23, 2023, and at the Board of Directors meeting to be held immediately thereafter on that date.

         Director                                                        Toru Adachi

2. Appointment of new officers (effective May 12, 2023)

   (1) New vice presidents

         Ikuya Seo
         Kenichi Yamamoto
         Ryuichi Tahara

3. Appointment of new officers (effective June 23, 2023)

   (1) New candidates for vice president

         Yutaka Shiokawa
         Eiji Okanari
         Masashige Sakata
         Hisashi Murata
         Seiya Churei
         Yoshinori Matsumura
         Hideaki Imoto
         Mitsuhiro Nishimura

   (2) Retiring vice presidents

         Senior executive vice president                 Katsushi Tashiro
         Executive vice president                            Satoru Yonezawa 
         Vice president                                            Hideyuki Obayashi
         Vice president                                            Shigeki Hattori
         Vice president                                            Kouji Inage
         Vice president                                            Hideaki Nishioka
         Vice president                                            Yuji Takeda
         Vice president                                            Shuuji Takatou
         Vice president                                            Ikuya Seo
         Vice president                                            Kenichi Yamamoto
         Vice president                                            Ryuichi Tahara

Additionally, Hideyuki Obayashi is scheduled to take on the role as executive director at Taiyo Vinyl Corporation.
Shigeki Hattori is scheduled to take on the role of director and president at Tosoh Information Systems Corporation.
Kouji Inage is scheduled to take on the role of director and president at Tosoh Logistics Corporation in late June.
Yuji Takeda is scheduled to take on the role of director and president at Kasumi Kyodo Jigyo Co., Ltd. in late June.
Shuuji Takatou is scheduled to take on the role of director and president at Tosoh Analysis and Research Center Co., Ltd. in late June.
Ikuya Seo is scheduled to take on the role of executive director at Tohoku Denki Tekko Co., Ltd. in late June.
Ryuichi Tahara is scheduled to take on the role of president at Tosoh (Ruian) Polyurethane Co., Ltd. in late June.

   (3) Promotion of officers

      (1 Candidates for executive vice president

         Senior vice president                     Toru Doi
         Senior vice president                     Akihiro Yoshimizu
         Senior vice president                     Takahiko Kamezaki
         Senior vice president                     Nobukatsu Ohmichi

      (2 Candidates for senior vice president

         Vice president                                Yutaka Murata
         Vice president                                Teruhiko Ide
         Vice president                                Hidetoshi Horiuchi
         Vice president                                Yasuhiro Kojima
         Vice president                                Takafumi Kiuchi
         Vice president                                Mitsutaka Sugata
         Vice president                                Tatsuji Kushimoto


Who We Are

Tosoh Corporation is the parent of the Tosoh Group, which comprises over 100 companies worldwide and a multiethnic workforce of over 14,000 people. It generated net sales of ¥1,064.4 billion (US$7.9 billion at the average rate of ¥135.5 to the US dollar) in fiscal 2023, ended March 31, 2023.

What We Do

Tosoh is one of the largest chlor-alkali manufacturers in Asia. The company supplies the plastic resins and an array of the basic chemicals that support modern life. Tosoh’s petrochemical operations supply ethylene, polyethylene, and functional polymers, while its advanced materials business serves the global semiconductor, display, and solar industries. Tosoh has also pioneered sophisticated bioscience systems that are used for the monitoring of life-threatening diseases. In addition, Tosoh demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable future in part by manufacturing a variety of eco-products.

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