Business Groups

The Specialty Group, comprising Organic Chemicals, Bioscience, and Advanced Materials Divisions, is the driving force for growth and change at Tosoh through its promotion of product advances among diverse customers. The group boasts a wide-ranging portfolio of bioscience, organic chemical, and advanced material products that are typically strongly positioned and highly profitable in their markets. These are high-value-added products for well-established and for growing niche markets, and they serve to hedge profitability against the cyclical nature of Tosoh’s commodity operations.

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Playing a key role in providing people with life’s essentials, Tosoh’s Chlor-alkali Group supplies global industry with the raw materials for the many products of a modern lifestyle. Manufacturers around the world depend on Tosoh and its chlor-alkali, cement, and polyurethane products to provide their production lines with stable supplies of those raw materials. Its vinyl isocyanate chain gives the Chlor-alkali Group the largest fully integrated manufacturing capacities of their kind for chemical commodities in Asia, which ensures the stable supply of commodities to world markets as well as to various Tosoh operations.

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Tosoh’s petrochemical operations stay competitive by constantly adjusting to market challenges. Amid constantly increasing global petrochemical production capacity, Tosoh’s Petrochemical Group, comprising Olefins and Polymers Divisions, remains competitive by cutting its production costs and moving its products upstream. The group’s enabling of its facilities to use different feedstock lowers expenses and helps to hedge the risk of price fluctuations. At the heart of Tosoh’s operations, it supplies roughly half of the ethylene Tosoh requires for its vinyl isocyanate chain and polyethylene operations.

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Effective June 29, 2010, Tosoh moved the water treatment business of its subsidiary Organo Corporation to its Engineering Group. The soil purification and remediation operations of Eco-Techno Corporation and the construction operations of Tohoku Denki Tekko Co., Ltd., all of which formerly were under the Service Group, also have been transferred to the Engineering Group.


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Ensuring seamless interaction between company and customer, Tosoh’s ancillary businesses help the Tosoh Group perform at peak by providing for timely delivery and cost advantage through a host of support services. It also requires the timely provision of those services—transporting goods and analyzing organic and inorganic chemicals, polymers, and electronic materials—to the company’s different businesses and to their customers.



Tosoh products are woven into the things people use and encounter on a daily basis. They contribute to productive lifestyles and help people embrace the challenges of modern living.