Cement Products

Tosoh began cement production in 1953

The idea of producing cement at a soda production plant using an ammonia soda process seemed both logical and economical.

With the progression towards becoming a recycling society, Tosoh's cement business plays an indispensable role in effectively utilizing waste and by-products generated inside as well as outside the company. Every year, Tosoh accepts and utilizes hundreds of thousands of tons of such waste from construction refuse, waste plastic, and automotive and non-automotive shredder residue.

The marketing and sale of Tosoh's entire cement production has been consigned to Taiheiyo Cement Corporation, one of Japan's leading cement manufacturers.

Product Name: Portland Cement
Generic Name: Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
Chemical Formula / Diagram: N/A
Product Overview: As the most common cement used worldwide, Portland cement serves as a base ingredient for creating common construction and building necessities like concrete and mortar.
Applications: Construction
Product Name: Portland Blast-furnace Slag Cement
Generic Name: Portland Blast-furnace Cement
Chemical Formula / Diagram: N/A
Product Overview: Primarily used in civil engineering dams, rivers, and harbors. Low heat of hydration, excellent resistance to seawater, water tightness is high. Portland cement was mixed in a blast furnace slag was quenched with water.
Applications: Construction