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High-quality chromatographic instruments, columns and separation media

Tosoh Bioscience is a leading supplier of chromatographic columns, media, and sophisticated diagnostic systems. Bringing the best in quality products and services from complete in-house bioseparation and diagnostic portfolios.

For more information about what bioseparation systems and media Tosoh can offer your region, please visit the website of a Tosoh Group company nearest you.

Note: Information contained on this website regarding bioseparations and purification products capabilities and other such descriptions are reflective of what is acceptable in Japan and may be different to what is actually accepted and cleared by local regulatory bodies. Please visit the the website of, or, contact your nearest Tosoh representative for more information.

Product Name: HLC-8320GPC
Generic Name: Fully Automated Gel Permeation Chromatography System
Product Overview: HLC-8320GPC is a fully automated liquid chromatography system for gel permeation chromatography. It combines a dual solvent delivery system and a highly efficient optical system, which reduce baseline noise to a very low level.
Product Name: IC-2010
Generic Name: Fully Automated Ion Chromatography System
Product Overview: IC-2010 is an all-in-one system which consists of an on-line degasser, an auto-sampler, a high pressure-resistant pumping system, a column oven, a suppressor unit and a conductivity detector. In combination with high-performance ion chromatography columns (TSKgel SuperIC HS series), the IC-2010 performs high-throughput ion analysis.
Product Name: Toyopearl
Generic Name: Packing materials for medium pressure liquid chromatography
Product Overview: A totally porous, semirigid spherical gel, Toyopearl can be applied at high flow rates. It is most suitable for preparative separation and scaled-up industrial purification processes, and is widely used for purifying and separating biopolymers and other biochemicals.
Product Name: TSKgel
Generic Name: Packing materials and packed columns for high performance liquid chromatography
Product Overview: Extensively used in laboratories all over the world, our TSKgel is designed for researchers seeking the highest level of performance. Covering the total range of HPLC, this product is made from small, spherical particles and offers high resolution (even at high flow rates), excellent reproducibility, and long column life. Scaling up from analytical to preparative columns is made simple and easy.
Product Name: ToyoScreen
Generic Name: Chromatographic process development columns for resin evaluation
Product Overview:
In large-scale chromatographic purification, performance parameters such as selectivity, binding capacity and recovery are key factors to succeed in purification. ToyoScreen columns provide a convenient way to screen Toyopearl resins, a packing material for semi-preparative and preparative liquid chromatography, and to developing the purification conditions of your biological target molecule.

ToyoScreen consists of small pre-packed screening columns packed with Toyopearl. They are available in 1 mL and 5 mL pre-packed columns for hydrophobic interaction (HIC), ion exchange (IEC) or affinity chromatography (AFC) and can be connected to most laboratory chromatography systems.