Ryuron® Paste (polyvinyl chloride paste)

Product Name: Ryuron® Paste
Generic Name: Polyvinyl Chloride Paste
Chemical Formula / Diagram:
Product Overview: PVC's excellent properties are attributed to sophisticated suspension polymerization technology and an effective quality control program. Employing uniform melting and high melt flow processes improves heat-resistance, transparency, colorability, and anti-fish eye properties.
Applications: Spread coating
Wire, strand coating
Dip coating
Dip molding
Slush molding
Rotational molding

Typical Properties/Grades:

1. Low viscosity in the region of high share rate 
2. Low viscosity with low plasticizer content and with high filler content
3. Excellent viscosity stability 
4. Can be easily dispersed into plasticizer using any type of mixer equipment 
5. Excellent deaeration properties
6. Excellent heat stability 
7. High transparency 
8. Excellent foaming and foam properties