Products for the Transportation Industry

Automobile interior environments

Polyurethane products

Tosoh is a leading supplier of isocyanates to the polyurethane industry in Japan and Asia, with the largest production capacities within the Asia Pacific region for several key polyurethane products. In transportation, polyurethanes are applied in a wide variety of applications for the automotive sector, including for instrument panels, dashboards, headrests and seat cushioning, as well as heat-sound-insulated roofing, noise/vibration dampening flooring, sealants, door trims, mud guards and shock absorbers.

High-speed rail car interiors

PVC by Lonseal Corporation

Tosoh and Lonseal supply chloride resins that are used in a wide variety of applications. Tosoh PVC meets the exacting standards required for use in the interiors of bullet train (the Shinkansen) cars in Japan.

Traffic signal paints

Petcoal® C9 Hydrocarbon Resins

Tosoh Petcoal is a family of aromatic hydrocarbon resins, which exhibit excellent solvency. Petcoal resins are compatible with a wide range of synthetic resins and are used in all-weather paints applied to traffic signals. Petcoal is also used in printing inks (offset, gravure), adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesive tape and rubber agents.

Transportation infrastructure


Tosoh cement is used in civil engineering applications such as construction for dams, rivers, and harbors.



Tosoh provides cement for roads and bridges, paints and adhesives for signage and traffic signals, and materials and components that go into automobiles as well as high speed railcars.