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Polyurethane adhesives are suitable for a wide range of substrate grades, from soft leather, plastic films and woods, to hard metals. Physical properties (solvent resistance, heat resistance, etc.) of one-component type of adhesives can be improved by combining them with cross-linking agents.

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Cross-linking Agents for Adhesives
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Cross-linking Agents for Rubber Adhesives

These products are a specialized type of polyisocyanate compounds, which are applied as cross-linking agents for adhesives of synthetic rubber such as SBR and chloroprene. They are also used as polyvinyl or urethane types of adhesives.

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Moisture Curing Type Adhesives

These products react with atomospheric moisture and/or with active hydrogen from the adherends to foam adhesive films for bonding. They can be used as adhesives for production of structural wood panel products and for bonding various other substrates.

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Woodcure® Series

High reactivity of isocyanate groups result in superior chemical bonding to wood. Due to this advantage, they are widely used in the wood industry. Woodcure (WC) Series products are used in particle boards and medium density fiberboards (MDF). WC Series can improve adhesive strength and productivity. They are also used to reduce the diffusion of formaldehyde.

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Pearlthane® Series

Pearlthane products are thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers (TPU) in the form of spherical fine powder. They can be processed by slush molding, hot melting, as well as conventional injection molding or extrusion methods. They also have superior weather resistance because of their non-yellowing base.

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