Consumer Goods

Rugged apparel and outdoor goods

TOSO-CSM® chlorosulphonated polyethylene

Tosoh TOSO-CSM chlorosulphonated polyethylene demonstrates excellent resistance against oil, chemicals and various weather conditions. It can be colored with brilliant hues and is used to produce wind-breakers, raincoats, life boats, life-jackets and much more.

Robust multi-purpose rubber

SKYPRENE® polychloroprene rubbers

Tosoh's Skyprene brand of polychloroprene rubbers is often specified by design engineers because of their superior properties of resistance to cold, heat,abrasion, oils and chemicals. Skyprene is commonly used in window frames and other construction applications, carpentry, shoe making and automobiles, linings, belts, hoses, wet suits and much more.

Paints and ink

Petcoal® C9 hydrocarbon resins

Tosoh Petcoal is a family of aromatic hydrocarbon resins, which exhibit excellent solvency. Petcoal resins are compatible with a wide range of synthetic resins and are used in applications such as paints and printing inks (offset, gravure), adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesive tape and rubber agents.

Batteries for electronic devices

Electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD)

EMD is used in the production of dry cells and soft ferrites, which go into the batteries that power the mobile electronic devices that sustain the global communications infrastructure. Produced in Miyazaki, Japan and Thessaloniki, Greece, Tosoh's EMD meets the most demanding requirements of manufacturers throughout the world. Tosoh has the largest battery-grade EMD capacity in the world.



From paints and printing inks to colorful fabrics with excellent weather resistance, Tosoh materials are found in apparel, shoes, automobiles, boats, construction materials and much more.