Tosoh Corporate Mark

Tosoh's corporate mark is always shown as a single object, which is a combination of the Tosoh symbol (or "flower") and Tosoh logotype elements.

When used by itself, the corporate mark is to be shown on all communications with care given so that nothing enters the exclusion area. If the width of the square inside the Tosoh symbol is a, then on all four sides of the corporate mark there is to be at least two a's (2a) worth of space that make up the exclusion area. See below.

Download the corporate mark below (right-click and "save as").



Alternative corporate marks are also available in one-color (red) or monochrome (black and white). Please contact us to learn more about accepted usage.


Size Restrictions
On printed materials, the corporate mark is to be no smaller than 8 mm width. Optimal resolution* for standard offset printing is to be no less than 120 lines-per-inch. For high-quality coated paper, the optimal resolution is 300 dots-per-inch.

*Please consult with your print agency or designer for optimum resolutions for other situations.

On web and electronic mediums (websites, banners, presentations,etc.), the corporate mark is to be no smaller than 45 pixels in width*. Optimal resolution for web/electronic materials is 72 dots-per-inch.

*Favicons (the tiny icons that appear next to a webpage's URL in the address bar) are exempt from this requirement.